Edward Gein

Body Count:2

Richard Ramirez

Charles Manson

Ted Bundy

Jeffery Dahmer

Timeline 1906 1920's-1930's 1944 1945 1947 December 1954 November 16 1978 1984 recent
Events Edward Gein was born in Plainfield. Father died and him and his brother took over the farm. Mother had a incapitating stroke, Ed Gein nursed her for a year His mother died fromher second stroke. he robbed his first grave. He took parts of the corpses home, where he preserved them His first known murder victim was 54-year old Mary Hogan, who disappeared from the tavern she ran in Bernice Worden was attacked and kidnapped. Sheriff was informed by Deputy Worden. He was moved to the Central State Hospital at Wampton for the mentally insane He died of respiratory and heart failure Movies such as Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the lambs were made after him.