Ted Bundy

Body Count: 28
Ted Bundy was quoted saying "We serial killers are your sons, We are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tommorrow."

Ed Gein

Charles Manson

Richard Ramirez

Jeffery Dahmer

Timeline November 24, 1947 1965 1969 December 6, 1973 January 4, 1974 January 31 1974 February 8, 1974 February 10, 1974 March 12, 1974 April 17, 1974 May 6, 1974 June 1, 1974 June 11, 1974 July 14, 1974 October 18, 1974 October 31, 1974 November 8 1974 January 12 1975 March 15, 1975 April 6, 1975 April 15, 1975 July 1, 1975 August 16, 1975 October 20, 1976 June 6, 1977 June 16, 1977 December 31, 1977 January 15, 1978 February 9, 1978 February 15, 1978 January 25 1989
Events Theodore Robert Cowell/ Ted Bundy was born. graduated from high school a degree in psychology Ted learned about his parentage for the first time, he was now aware that his older sister was his real mother, and his mother and father were really his grandparents The body of Katherine Devine is found Student Joni Lenz aged 18 is found dead 21 year old Lynda Healy is abducted from her room at Washington State 20 year old Carol Valenzuela disappeared in Vancouver 16 year old Nancy Wilcox disappeared in Holladay 19 year old Donna Mason disappeared. 18 year old Susan Rancourt disappears 20 year old Roberta Parks is abducted 22 year old Brenda Ball disappears from the Flame Tavern in Burien 18 year old Georgann Hawkins disappears from behind her sorority house, Kappa Alpha Theta in Seattle. Janice Ott was the first one abducted and 19 year old Denise Naslund was also kidnapped. 17 year old Melissa Smith disappeared on her way to pick up some clothes from home 17 year old Laura Aime was abducted after leaving a Halloween party 17 year old Debby Kent disappears when she offers to pick up her brother, that same evening 19 year old Carol DaRonch survives an abduction attempt Caryn Campbell vanished after a minor squabble with her fiance 26 year old Julie Cunningham disappeared while on her way to a nearby tavern in Vail Colorado 25 year old Denise Oliverson was kidnapped after going for a bike ride 18 year old Melanie Cooley disappeared after walking off from school 24 year old Shelly Robertson went hitch hiking with the wrong man. Bundy was arrested for evading a police officer Bundy is charged with murder of Caryn Campbell Bundy escapes from Pitkin County Courthouse lock-up in Aspen Ted Bundy is recaptured Bundy escapes from jail in Glenwood Springs Margaret Bowman was murdered in her sorority house. Lisa Levy was also attacked. 12 year old Kimberly Leach disappeared Ted Bundy is finally arrested in Pensacola, Florida Ted Bundy takes his final seat in the arms of Old Sparky at Starke Prison Florida