Jeffrey Dahmer

Body Count:17
Jeffrey Dahmer was quoted saying "I really screwed up this time"

Ed Gein

Charles Manson

Ted Bundy

Richard Ramirez

Timeline May 21, 1960 1968 1970 1978 1978 September 15, 1987 January 1988 March 1988 September 25 1988 September 26, 1988 1989 June 1990 June 1990 September 3, 1990 May 27 1991 three weeks later June 30 1991 July 7 February 1991 April the 7th 1991 July 15, 1991 July 19, 1991 July 22, 1991 January 27, 1992 November 28, 1994
Events Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee he was sexually molested by a neighbour boy in rural Bath Township Dahmer was "experimenting" with dead animals, decapitating rodents, bleaching chicken bones with acid, nailing a dog's carcass to a tree and mounting its severed head on a stake Jeffrey witnessed the bitter divorce of his parents and lived with his mother in Bath Township, Ohio. But one day his mother disappeared with Jeff's younger brother, leaving Jeffrey with nothing abducted Stephen Hicks and kills him. Jeffrey Dahmer murders 28 year old Steve Tuomi at the Ambassador Hotel. Dahmer picked up James E.Doxtator in West Allis Richard Guerrero is taken back to Jeffrey's grandmothers house and murdered, raped, photographed and dismembered found an apartment on Milwaukee's North 25th Street Dahmer met 13 year old boy by the name Sinthasomphone, who got away and dahmer was charged with indicent assault. Anthony Sears is never seen again, but his skull, scalp and penis are found in Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment when he is arrested over two years later Raymond Smith got drugged and strangled. He later raped the corpse and dismembered the body A painted skull discovered two years later is that of Smith Edward Smith meets Dahmer, No traces of Edwards body have ever been found Dahmer picked up Ernest Miller, a young black man, from outside of a bookstore, Instead of the usual strangulation, Dahmer's slit the man's throat. He wanted to keep the man's skeleton, so Jeffrey cut most of the flesh from the bones, and dissolved the rest in the acid vats before bleaching the skeleton in acid. He had also kept the biceps in the freezer. 14-year-old Asian boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, bleeding and naked who had escaped from Dahmer, Cops saw him and said it was a homosexual lovers spat. Jeffrey meets David Thomas he is enticed by Jeffrey's offer and goes back to his apartment. Once there Dahmer kills him and photographs the body in different states of dismemberment. Once there they engage in sex and Matt Turner is strangled after being drugged. His head and internal organs were found in Jeffrey's freezer his headless torso was also in the apartment. Jeremiah Weinberger's head was in Jeffrey's freezer at the time of his arrest and his body was found next to Turners. Jeffrey Dahmer meets Errol Lindsey outside the same bookstore that he previously met Ernest Miller, Once there he is drugged, raped and dismembered. Tony Huges was the next victim of Jeffrey Dahmer,His corpse lay on the ground for three days. Before Jeffrey went to work on him. He met Oliver Lacy on the street and invited the man back to his home to pose for photographs for money, Dahmer then got Oliver a drink laced with sleeping pills. In a few moment Oliver was asleep. Dahmer strangled the sleeping man then had anal sex with his dead body. Joseph Bradeholt willingly posed for photographs for money and joined Dahmer in oral sex in the apartment. But the game had only begun, Dahmer again drugged his victim, before strangling him. Tracy Edwards escaped Dahmer's house and brought the police back to it. Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen life sentences was sadomized to death in the prison.