Charles Manson

Body Count:7
Charles Manson was quoted saying "Look down on me, you will see a fool, look up at me, you will see your lord, look straight at me, you will see yourself"
and "I told them, if your gonna do something, do it right, leave something so they know you were there"

Ed Gein

Richard Ramirez

Ted Bundy

Jeffery Dahmer

Timeline November 12, 1934 1947 February 1951 January 1952 May 1954 September 1955 March 14,1956 September 30, 1958 May 1, 1959 April 1960 March 21, 1967 October 13, 1968 August 9, 1969 August 10, 1969 March 6, 1970 January 25, 1971 March 29, 1971 September 5, 1975
Events Charles Manson was born, no name Maddox, in Cincinnati Ohio. Arrested in Indiana, sent to juvenile for one day and escaped. Recaptured and sent to Father Flanagan's Boy's Town. Four days and reescaped. Robbed more, which lead to an arrest at age of 13. Sent to reform school for 3 years, was raped and tortured by other boys, while guards watched and masterbated. escaped with 2 other inmates in stolen cars. Arrested in Beaver, Utah. Sentenced for federal time for driving stolen cars over state lines, started off in minimum security establishment. held a razor blade to a boys throat and sadomized him. got parole rearrested for driving another stolen car over state lines. Got off easy with 5 years probation picked up in Indianapolis for skipping his court date. Sent to federal prison at Terminal Island, California regained parole jailed in Los Angeles, on charges of forging and cashing stolen U.S. Treasury checks.Then once again got parole. arrested for pimping and transporting whores interstate. got tested and had a 121 I.Q. got parole again. Went and found the "family" two ladies found murdered, with leather thongs wrapped around their necks.Nancy Warren and Clida Delaney were the victims. the "family" was in the area but never convicted. Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, and Linda Kasabian, went into the house, house of Roman Polanski, on Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, California and killed Sharon Tate,along with four friends, Abigail Folger,Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski and Steven Parent. The "family" killed Rosemary and Leno LeBianca, a wealthy couple in Los Angeles. Manson released the album "Lies" convicted of conspiracy to murder sentenced to the death penalty, but death penalty was abolished, so he got a life in prison sentence. "family" member Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, unsuccessfully tried to assassinate president Gerald R. Ford.